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Prednisone is given to people having allergic problems, ulcerative colitis, breathing issues, psoriasis, lupus and arthritis.

How the drug acts

Belonging to the corticosteroids class of medicines, Prednisone is known to prevent the substances that cause the inflammation.

How the medicine is taken

The most important thing that has to be kept in mind is that the drug should be used only as per the doctor's advice. Never ever deviate from the prescription and never take large amounts of the drug.

Once you have started taking Prednisone drugs, you should never break it in the middle as it can lead to a relapse of the infections. Moreover, complete the whole course if you really wish for good results.

What to do if a dose is missed?

Once you have not taken a dose of Prednisone medicine, do not try to compensate it by taking another dose. It is better to contact the doctor.

What happens if I overdose?

Well, an overdose is always dangerous. Once you think of having taken more than what has been prescribed, it is better to inform the doctor. Bruising, increased acne, menstrual problems, loss of interest in sexual activities are certain overdose symptoms that a person can come across.

Discussing with the doctor

Medicines are only to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Once you approach the physician for your health related problems, you should have to discuss about all your medical conditions, including your present and past diseases and also the allergic reactions. Only if the doctor has complete knowledge of your present and past history will he be able to take a wise decision on the Prednisone prescription.

You have to inform the doctor if you have these conditions: liver issues, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid problems, tuberculosis, history of malaria, glaucoma, herpes, ulcers, osteoporosis, myasthenia gravis, ulcerative colitis, depression and hypertension.

If pregnant, you should have to inform the doctor in advance before he gives you Prednisone. Feeding mothers who are given Prednisone should only feed the babes after talking to the doctor.


Once you have started taken Prednisone, you have to be careful not to come in contact with persons having fever or any infections, as the drug is known to weaken the immune system.

As Prednisone can alter the test results, you should have to inform the lab technician or the doctor about Prednisone medication before he conducts a test.

What to avoid

The doctors will not prescribe the medicine if you have allergies to the contents of the drug. The drug is also not given if you have any fungal infections. Once you have started taking Prednisone, do not get any vaccines, as they are not effective with the drug.

Possible Side effects

People using Prednisone can come across many allergies and also many side effects. People can come across allergies like hives, breathing problems and swelling. Well, some of the known serious side effects of Prednisone drugs are vision problems, rapid weight gain, breath shortness, depression, seizure, bloody stools, pancreatitis, nausea, vomiting, extreme thirst and increased urination.

Less serious side effects include: insomnia, acne, bruising, increased sweating, dizziness, headache, nausea and stomachache.

Interferon and Prednisone
Aspirin and paracetamol (acetaminophen) appear neither to reduce the effects of interferon nor its side-effects. Prednisone also does not reduce its side-effects but it may possibly reduce its biological activity.

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